Katja Verlag - Ilona Reny produces and distributes exceptionally designed products by the German artist and graduate designer Ilona Reny. Her pictures whisk us away to magical, dreamy worlds inhabited by fairies, plants and mysterious animals. They revive our imagination and inspire us to think and dream. In her motifs, we always discover something new and can relax in a very special way. Their harmoniously coordinated colour compositions are pleasing to the eye and help us to slow down. So far, postcards, picture books, posters and puzzles with motifs by Ilona Reny have been created.

New puzzles from Schmidt Puzzle with motifs by Ilona Reny:

New puzzles from Heye-Verlag with motifs by Ilona Reny:

Ilona Reny „Pixie Dust“: „Magic Keys” and „Fairy Park”

The German artist Ilona Reny from Frankfurt am Main fills her playful dream worlds with all kinds of surreal beings, plants and things. The motifs of her postcards, greeting cards and puzzles show enchanting scenes with an infinite number of loving details, a fantastic world in which its own laws of gravity and logic prevail. Her picture books are also unusually detailed, and are meant to be fun to look at and to discover infinite things. Ilona Reny illustrates and writes only those books that she herself has dreamed of since childhood. Beautiful and enchanting is her cuddly "Fairy Park" with the little fairies and you would love to find the key to Ilona Reny's trendy designed dream world "Magic Keys". (both 1000 pieces)


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