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Here you can find our birthday cards as greeting cards/folding cards.

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Business Christmas greetings

Browse through our Catalogue for Christmas cards for companies: affordable and convenient can also be ordered with text printing on request.

Have a look at our templates for Christmas texts for customers and business partners which can be used for inside text printing.

Katalog Weihnachts-Grußkarten Ilona Reny, 3 Weihnachtsmänner auf Schlitten und Fahrrad, goldene Weihnachtskugeln, Schnee
Weihnachtskarten Katalog Ilona Reny Doppelseite mit Preisen für Grußkarten, Feen schmücken Weihnachtsbaum

Writing greeting cards: The search for the special card

Is it familiar to you? Getting nice greeting cards is always pleasant. You put them in a clearly visible place and you can look at them again and again. A greeting card is beautiful to look at and reminds you in a personal way of the person who gave it to you.

Grußkarten Ilona Reny: Schmetterlinge und Vögel auf grünem Hintergrund
Grußkarten Ilona Reny: Alter Turm mit Schmetterlingen und Vögeln und einer Katze bei Abenddämmerung

But choosing a greeting card can be a lot of fun on the one hand and can take a long time on the other. After all, you want the card to express what you want to show and tell the recipient at that moment. And that is not so easy. Choosing a greeting card or postcard is an intuitive process just like any other purchase. The card must somehow be coherent and fit the occasion, give pleasure, please you and the recipient and possibly match the gift.

Personal occasions

Cards are often meant to encourage, for example convalescence cards. Or someone has passed a difficult test, or changed his life, or reached his goal. These are very personal moments, which can be captured with a greeting card. They show the recipient that you think of him or her, that his or her health or sense of achievement is important to you.

It is also important to you that the card does not look as if it was randomly selected. You want to show that you were thinking about something when you chose it and that you didn't take any card in a hurry.

If you add all this up, there are quite a few criteria that you think of while looking for a suitable greeting card. You often get the impression that the cards are all the same. But that is only because they may not exactly match your intention. That is why we think it is important that greeting cards in a shop are different and that their designs are not too similar.

Greeting cards with sayings vs. greeting cards without text

There are currently many greeting cards and postcards with sayings. You can express a lot with a nice or funny saying on a card. It is easy to understand, the written language is very direct and such a card can be super funny, very smart, thoughtful and emotional and meaningful. But sometimes really beautiful pictures are closer to the heart. Pictures tell a much longer story. Some of these stories cannot be translated into words.

With a greeting card from Ilona Reny you have such cards, which you do not find everywhere and at the same time a unique little picture, which follows its own creative rules and laws. Most of the motifs have no text, so you can approach them with imagination and choose a motif by feeling what you really care about.

Sending greeting cards: difference between online greeting cards and real greeting cards:

Greeting cards are basically there to send little moments of joy to your friends and family and they can also be made quickly online. For many occasions this is also a good alternative to normal greeting cards.

We live in a fast moving world and quickly sent, quickly received and quickly forgotten greeting cards are of course part of it. However, if you want to be remembered a little longer and give something small as a gift, then a card made of paper makes more sense.

After all, a digital map is basically not an object. You can hardly call it a gift, because you don't really give it away.

I don't know if you feel the same way, but even if the greeting card is only given as an enclosure to the gift, it feels like an additional small gift. Because it contains a personal handwritten message, it is often the part of the gift that gives the most pleasure.

That's why beautiful printed cards, with good quality and a personal touch inside, make a great gift.

The good thing about cards is that you can give them to people who already have everything.

There are also people who collect cards.

And if the presentee has an Instagram account, she or he can go back to digital and photograph the greeting card and gift beautifully arranged and share it with the world.

A real card is a bit like a real bouquet of flowers vs. a picture of a bouquet of flowers. It might not smell like flowers, but it smells like fresh print and you can use it to decorate your chest of drawers.

Grußkarten Ilona Reny: Grußkarte Happy Birthday mit Dekor, roten Herzen und Schmetterlingen
Grußkarten Ilona Reny: Blauer Himmel, blaues Meer, Bäume und Schiffe

Greeting card formats

Greeting cards are available in various formats. From very small ones, usually found in flower shops, which can be tied to bouquets, to extra large ones, around A4 size, which really do fall out of any frame to attract attention.

The typical greeting card format for all greeting cards found in shops in Germany is DIN B6. The typical postcard format is DIN A6.

Most manufacturers stick to these formats, because the cards have to fit into card racks. There are rarely card racks for DIN cards or other formats.

If you stick to classic formats as the manufacturer, the seller can also combine cards from different manufacturers on one stand, thus offering more variety in a smaller space.

At the same time, the retailer can also remain flexible and decide for himself how many motifs he wants to place where from which manufacturer. Many paper stores tend to be rather small and every centimetre of the shop space is planned precisely and used as optimally as possible.

Our greeting cards all have the classic B6 format and therefore fit on any classic greeting card stand.

Shipping costs for greeting cards

If you want to send a greeting card, it is best to use the enclosed envelope with a nice stamp.

In the German postal service, prices vary according to weight and dimensions:

up to 0.7 ounces weight, shipping within Germany costs 80 Ct. and up to 50 g weight 95 Ct. Most of our greeting cards with envelopes weigh just under 1.8 ounces. Shipping costs as of 01.09.2020, source:

Möchten Sie die Grußkarte international versenden, so kostet es 1,10 € bis max. 20 g und 1,70 € bis 50 g. Stand 01.09.2020, Quelle:

Papierqualität bei Grußkarten

Postkarten werden meist auf Postkarten-Karton gedruckt. Dieser Karton ist sehr steif und lässt die Postkarte sich sehr von Flyern und Briefen abheben. Es macht die Postkarte zum Produkt/Geschenk. Da die Grußkarten im Gegensatz zu Postkarten immer in gefalteter Form verkauft und verschickt werden, kann das Papier bzw. der Karton etwas dünner ausfallen, ohne dass die Karte zu dünn wirkt.

Trotzdem fühlt sich stärkeres Papier wertiger an und deshalb benutzen wir bei unseren Grußkarten die gleiche Papierstärke wie bei Grußkarten. Damit sind sie sehr formstabil und wirken sehr wertig.

Briefumschläge bei Grußkarten

Ein Briefumschlag ist oft das erste, was der Empfänger sieht. Es ist eine Art Geschenkpapier oder Verpackung für das Geschenk “Grußkarte” und sollte mit der innenliegenden Grußkarte harmonieren.

Deshalb wählt man für wertvolle Grußkarten auch wertvolle Umschläge. Das sind oft bunte Umschläge, die allein schon durch die Farbe auffallen. Damit heben sie sich von der übrigen Hauspost ab und wirken fröhlich und feierlich.

Meistens sind die Umschläge aus etwas schwererem und edlerem Papier gemacht oder es sind Umschläge mit Seidenfutter. Allein dadurch, dass B6-Formate für geschäftliche Briefe nicht verwendet werden, fallen die Umschläge schon durch ihr Format auf und machen neugierig.

Die meisten unserer Motive haben Umschläge aus farbigem Strukturpapier.

Bild Umschlag” Qualität

Die Motive D1-D11 haben weiße Umschläge mit Seidenfutter.

Trauerkarten / Gute Besserung-Karten / Danke-Karten

Manche Momente, für welche eine Grußkarte, verschickt werden, sind traurig. Und manche Karten sind nicht dafür da, um etwas zu feiern, sondern um dem Empfänger Mut zu machen. Zum Beispiel “Gute Besserung” Karten. Im Prinzip sind Karten dazu da, um dem Empfänger zu zeigen, dass wir mit ihm mitfühlen, an ihn oder sie denken und dem Ereignis entsprechend ein Motiv ausgesucht haben, welches unsere Gefühle zu dieser Person und dem Ereignis ausdrückt. Karten mit besinnlicher, nachdenklicher Natur haben einen weniger feierliches Aussehen und dazu sind wertige Umschläge geeignet, die nicht zu bunt sind. Zum Beispiel weiße stärkere Umschläge oder Umschläge in zarten Pastelltönen.

Grußkarte Ilona Reny Alter Turm in der Abenddämmerung mit Umschlag
Grußkarte Ilona Reny mit blauem Umschlag: blauer Himmel und Meer, Schmetterlinge und bunte Vögel

Christmas greeting cards

Most greeting cards are sent out at Christmas. It is the time when you either give yourself a present, in which case a greeting card with a Christmas motif is enclosed, or you want to give joy to distant relatives with a little greeting and show them that you are thinking of them. If you would like to combine a gift and a greeting card, you have the possibility to send Advent calendars from Ilona Reny.

Grußkarte Ilona Reny mit blauem Umschlag: Zwei Mäuse auf goldenen Weihnachtskugeln über einer Stadt auf blauem Hintergrund
Grußkarte Ilona Reny mit orange Umschlag: Feen schmücken Weihnachtsbaum

Many companies use the Christmas season to thank their customers and business partners and to leave pleasant memories. For this purpose, they send out many greeting cards and keep lists where the current addresses of all Christmas card recipients are stored.

Sending Christmas cards can be quite nerve-racking and take a lot of time. We have developed a catalogue especially for the needs of entrepreneurs who want to send Christmas cards, if desired with text printing, decorations and your company logo. If you own a company or want to send more than 50 greeting cards, then:

Browse through our catalogue for Christmas cards for companies: inexpensive and easy to order with printed text.

Schauen Sie sich auch unsere Vorlagen für Weihnachtstexte für Kunden und Geschäftspartner an, die man für Texteindrücke nutzen kann.

Sometimes the space on a map is not enough because you have more than just a short greeting to share. For such cases we also have Christmas stationery. You can also find this in our catalogue for business Christmas greetings.

Easter congratulations: greeting cards for Easter.

The custom of sending Easter cards was already around 1900. If you too would like to pay tribute to nature's awakening from hibernation with a beautiful card, we have some sweet Easter motifs for you.

Grußkarte Ostern Ilona Reny mit blauem Umschlag: weißer Osterhase und ein Kinderwagen mit Eiern
Grußkarte Ostern mit hellblauem Umschlag von Ilona Reny: weißer Osterhase hängt Eier im Baum auf

Ilona Reny: Design and effect of her pictures

Ilona Reny is a German artist from Frankfurt am Main.Her paintings take us into enchanting, dreamy worlds inhabited by fairies, plants and mysterious animals. They revive our imagination and inspire us to think and dream. In their pictures you always discover something new and can relax in a very special way. Her harmoniously coordinated colour compositions are pleasing to the eye and help to decelerate.

Poster/Fototapete Ilona Reny: Haus mit Etagen und Kolonnen mit Feen, Vögeln und Blumen
Poster/Fototapete Ilona Reny: viele bunte Vögel sitzen auf Ästen und am Gebäude


Should it be a postcard? We also have many postcard motifs for different occasions. Discover our postcard motifs. By the way, they are not the same as the motives on the greeting cards.

Postkarte Ilona Reny: Rotkehlchen auf Schaukel über alter Stadt auf gelbem Hintergrund
Postkarte Ilona Reny: schwarzer Baum, geschmückt mit goldenen Weihnachtskugeln, Vögeln und leeren Käfigen
Postkarte Ilona Reny: Mädchen hält ein Glas Milch in der Hand, über ihr fliegen schwarze Katzen mit Flügeln
Postkarte Ilona Reny: blondes Mädchen hält weißen Teddybär im rosa Kleidchen

Gift Ideas

Are you looking for a gift to match your greeting card? You will find matching posters and murals, wrapping paper, calendars and even photo wallpapers.

If you would like to give something to a child, we have a beautiful picture book by Ilona Reny: Thomas and the Sea. We also have posters for children and even photo wallpapers for children.

Buchdeckel Ilona Reny "Thomas und das Meer" weißer Hamster hält eine Leine fest, eine Maus jagt Schmetterlinge, Blumen und Pflanzen

By the way: there are also puzzles by Ilona Reny at Heye. These can be found on Amazon, Hugendubel and many other shops. Click here to search for suitable purchase opportunities.

2 Puzzles von Ilona Reny "Magic Keys" und "Fairy Park"

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