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Rain of Flowers and Plants / Mural 10 by Ilona Reny

Raindrops, pearls and sparkling stars fall and shine through the abstract plants, which are arranged like columns. These plants, filled with animals of all kinds, are bathed in a blue light. The blue shimmers in soft tones and reminds of a rain at dusk. The simultaneous presence of birds and fish makes the painting a surreal almost-underwater picture. The bright colors of the fish and some flowers are the colorful spots in this picture. Rain of Flowers and Plants has a calming effect and is well suited for rooms in which you want to relax and dream.

This photo wallpaper is available in the following sizes:

height x width

150 x 214 cm

200 x 285 cm

250 x 357 cm

265 x 378 cm

280 x 400 cm

Material properties:

-PVC-free wallpaper fleece, free of plasticizers
-pulp and textile fibers, combined with polymeric binders
Surface: smooth and matt
Basis weight: 150g/m²
Printing: environmentally friendly latex printing, low-odor, UV-resistant, 100% safe for your health
application: Interior
web width: even webs in 50-65 cm width
Fabrication: cut ready for gluing without overlap web width: even webs in 50-65 cm width
Fire class: hardly inflammable in combination with mineral substrates (B1)
Other features:
- tear-resistant, opaque, breathable, shock-resistant, dimensionally stable and crack-bridging (Class A)
- completely dry peelable using fleece adhesive
– made in Germany
Other materials/other dimensions: available on request

Eine Vliestapete lässt sich kinderleicht anbringen, denn der Vliestapeten-Kleister wird direkt an die Wand aufgetragen, so dass die trockene Tapete bequem auf die Wand aufgeklebt werden kann.

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150 cm high, 200 cm high, 250 cm high, 265 cm high, 280 cm high


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